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Miral Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Miral Meaning in Urdu

معنیہرنی جیسی، دولت مند، بادشاہی، جنت کا فرشتہ، کامیابی کی کرن
لکی نمبر1
مختصر نامہاں
حروف کی تعداد5 حروف اور 1 لفظ

Miral Meaning in English

MeaningResembling a deer, wealthy, royalty, angel of paradise, cause of success
Lucky Number1
Short NameYes
Number of Letters5 letters and 1 word

 More Information:

The significance of a name extends beyond mere identification; it profoundly influences one’s character. Miral, a Muslim girl’s name originating from Urdu, embodies grace and prosperity. Miral’s meaning in Urdu, “ہرنی جیسی، دولت مند، بادشاہی، جنت کا فرشتہ، کامیابی کی کرن,” reflects beauty, wealth, and heavenly attributes, making it a cherished choice for parents.

Selecting a name for a newborn is a momentous decision, as it shapes their identity and impacts their future. With its fortunate number 1, Miral signifies leadership and success, resonating positively across various aspects of life. This name is deeply rooted in Urdu culture and is favored for its profound meaning and cultural heritage.

According to numerology, Miral is associated with the auspicious number 1, suggesting inherent leadership qualities and individuality. Fridays and Mondays are considered favorable days for those bearing the name Miral. Blue, green, and white are believed to bring luck and positivity to their lives.

For Miral name holders, the precious stone emerald is considered auspicious, while silver is associated with fortune. This name holds a rich cultural significance and has been embraced by numerous individuals worldwide.

Discover the elegance and grace encapsulated in the name Miral, enriching the lives of those who bear it with its profound essence. Explore its meanings, lucky numbers, and other essential facts, guiding you in selecting the perfect name for your child.

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