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Mahira khan Introduction(Age, Net worth, Son, Husband etc)

Mahira khan Introduction


Mini Bio: Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan, born on December 21, 1984, is hailed as Pakistan’s leading actress, renowned for her versatility and acclaimed performances across television and cinema. Beginning her career as a VJ on MTV Pakistan, Mahira made her mark in the film industry with her debut in the hit movie ‘Bol’ in 2011. She gained widespread recognition for her role in the groundbreaking drama ‘Humsafar,’ which catalyzed a renaissance in Pakistani television.

Venturing into Bollywood, Mahira starred opposite Shahrukh Khan in ‘Raees,’ a milestone for Pakistani actors. Her portrayal in Shoaib Mansoor’s ‘Verna’ garnered global acclaim, tackling sensitive issues like rape and misogyny, prompting vital conversations.

A recipient of numerous awards, including Lux Style Awards and Hum Awards, Mahira’s influence extends beyond acting. She is Loreal Hair Care’s first Pakistani ambassador and the face of prestigious brands like Lux and Coca-Cola. With a massive fan base transcending borders, Mahira is a social media sensation and a symbol of empowerment.

Mahira’s aspirations include directing and starring in internationally acclaimed films. With upcoming projects like ‘Saath Din Mohabbat In’ and ‘Maula Jutt 2,’ Mahira continues to captivate audiences worldwide, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in entertainment.

Net worth

Mahira Khan’s journey to stardom commenced with her breakout role in the acclaimed drama series, ‘Humsafar,’ catapulting her to fame in 2011. The drama garnered critical acclaim, propelling Mahira to become one of Pakistan’s most celebrated actresses.

Simultaneously, Mahira made her mark in cinema with her debut in the film ‘Bol’ in 2011, alongside singer Atif Aslam, marking the inception of her illustrious film career.

Mahira’s influence extends beyond acting, as she has become a sought-after brand ambassador for esteemed brands like Lux, QMobile, and L’Oreal. Her ventures include ‘M By Mahira,’ her clothing line launched in 2023, showcasing her entrepreneurial flair and creative vision.

With her multifaceted career spanning entertainment and business sectors, Mahira Khan’s net worth is estimated at an impressive USD 6 million (approximately Rs. 170 crores). Her financial success underscores her talent, dedication, and global appeal, solidifying her status as a prominent figure in Pakistan and beyond.

Son of Mahira Khan

NAME : Azlan

Azlan, born in 2009, is the son of Mahira Khan and her former husband. He shares a special bond with his mother, who is one of Pakistan’s most beloved actresses. Azlan’s upbringing reflects the love and care of his doting parents, despite the challenges they may have faced. As Mahira continues to shine in her career, Azlan remains a cherished part of her life, inspiring her journey as both a mother and a celebrated artist.


Ali Askari : Mahira Khan ex-husband 

Mahira Khan’s journey in love has been marked by significant moments. She first met Ali Askari in 2006 in Los Angeles, culminating in their marriage in 2007 in a traditional Islamic ceremony. Despite reported opposition from Khan’s father, they welcomed a son together in 2009. However, their marriage ended in divorce in 2015.

Salim Karim : Mahira Khan husband 

In 2023, Mahira Khan found love again and tied the knot with businessman Salim Karim in a private ceremony on October 2nd in Bhurban. This new chapter in her life reflects her resilience and commitment to finding happiness, and creating a new family unit filled with love and hope for the future.



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