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Hamdan Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Hamdan Meaning in Urdu

نام ہمدان
انگریزی نام Hamdan
معنی جس کی تعریف کی جائے
جنس لڑکا
زبان عربی
مذہب مسلم
لکی نمبر 1
موافق دن جمعہ, سوموار
موافق رنگ نیلا, سبز
موافق پتھر مرکت
موافق دھاتیں چاندی

Hamdan Meaning in English

Name Hamdan
English Name Hamdan
Meaning One who deserves praise
Gender Boy
Language Arabic
Religion Muslim
Lucky Number 1
Lucky Days Friday, Monday
Lucky Colors Blue, Green
Lucky Stone Emerald
Lucky Metals Silver

More Information:

The name “Hamdan” holds a special place among boy names, rooted in the Arabic language. Considered fortunate, individuals bearing the name are associated with the number 1. “Hamdan” signifies one who is appreciated, reflecting positivity and admiration.

Naming a child is a significant decision for parents, as it shapes the child’s identity and influences their destiny. “Hamdan” is a popular choice among Muslim families, resonating with its meaningful connotation of appreciation.

According to numerology, the number 1 is linked with “Hamdan,” suggesting inherent leadership qualities and individuality. Fridays and Mondays are regarded as favorable days for those named “Hamdan.” The colors blue, green, and white are believed to bring luck and positivity to their lives.

For “Hamdan” name holders, the precious stone emerald is considered auspicious, while silver is the metal associated with fortune. This name carries a rich cultural heritage and has been embraced by numerous individuals worldwide.

Discover the significance of “Hamdan,” a name that embodies appreciation and positivity, enriching the lives of those who bear it with its profound essence.

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