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Aizal Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Aizal Meaning in English

Name MeaningThe name “Aizal” means “خوشبو؛ مہک” in Urdu, which translates to “fragrance; aroma” in English.
OriginThe name “Aizal” is derived from the Arabic language.
PersonalityPeople with the name Aizal are described as bringing happiness and tranquility to others.
Lucky StoneThe lucky stone for individuals named Aizal is Neelam (Blue Sapphire).
Lucky MetalIron is the lucky metal for individuals named Aizal.
Lucky DayFriday is considered the lucky day for people named Aizal.
Lucky NumberThe lucky number for the individual named Aizal is 7.
Lucky ColorThe lucky color for the individual named Aizal is blue.

Aizal Meaning in Urdu

نام کا معنی“ایزل” نام کا مطلب “خوشبو؛ مہک” ہے، جو کہ اردو میں “fragrance; aroma” کے مترادف ہے۔
اصل“ایزل” نام عربی زبان سے ماخوذ ہے۔
شخصیت“ایزل” نام رکھنے والے لوگوں کو خوشی اور سکون کا باعث بنانے کا تاثر ہوتا ہے۔
لکی پتھر“ایزل” نام رکھنے والے لوگوں کے لیے خوش قسمت پتھر نیلام (نیلم) ہے۔
لکی دھات“ایزل” نام رکھنے والے لوگوں کے لیے لکی ڈھات لوہا ہے۔
لکی دن“ایزل” نام رکھنے والوں کے لیے جمعہ خوش قسمت دن ہے۔
لکی نمبر“ایزل” نام رکھنے والوں کا خوش قسمت نمبر 1 ہے۔
لکی رنگ“ایزل” نام رکھنے والوں کے لیے خوش قسمت رنگ نیلا ہے۔

 More Information:

The name “Aizal” holds profound significance, resonating with its meaning of “fragrance; aroma” in Urdu, originating from the Arabic language. Individuals bearing this name are likened to the pleasant scent they bring into the lives of others, symbolizing happiness and tranquility.

Aizal is not just a name; it’s a symbol of beauty and distinction, commonly used in both Arabic and Urdu-speaking communities. Those named Aizal are known to spread love and warmth among their friends, illuminating life with their charm and radiance.

In English, Aizal is interpreted as “Prince” or “Son of a King,” reflecting nobility and regal heritage. Those named Aizal are believed to have auspicious elements in their lives, paving the way for happiness and success.

Throughout history, individuals named Aizal have left an indelible mark in various domains. One such notable figure is Aizal Tahir, a celebrated Malaysian singer and songwriter, renowned for his soulful voice and heartfelt compositions.

The name Aizal’s historical roots span different cultures and epochs, often associated with nobility and prestige. Today, the name continues to thrive, adapting to diverse linguistic and cultural landscapes globally.

While pinpointing the exact population of individuals named Aizal may pose a challenge due to its widespread usage, its popularity varies across different regions and communities.

As for astrological significance, individuals named Aizal are not tied to a specific zodiac sign, as their astrological identity is determined by their date of birth. Thus, Aizal represents a name that transcends religious and astrological boundaries, embodying beauty, nobility, and universal appeal.

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