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Izhaan Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Izhaan Meaning in Urdu

معنیفرمانبرداری، اطاعت، خدا کے قوانین کے پیروکار
لکی نمبر10
مختصر نامہاں
حروف کی تعداد6 حروف اور 1 لفظ

Izhaan Meaning in English

MeaningObedience, compliance, follower of God’s laws
Lucky Number10
Short NameYes
Number of Letters6 letters and 1 word

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Izhaan Meaning in Urdu:

The significance of a name transcends mere identification; it profoundly influences one’s character. Izhaan, a Muslim boy’s name derived from the Urdu language, embodies obedience, compliance, and devotion to God’s laws. It holds a profound meaning, reflecting qualities of submission and adherence to divine principles.

Selecting a name for a newborn is a cherished endeavor for parents, as it shapes the child’s identity and influences their future. Izhaan is an ideal choice for parents seeking a name that instills a genuine sense of obedience and righteousness in their son. Choosing a name with virtuous or spiritual connotations is paramount, as it reflects upon the child’s character and demeanor.

According to numerology, the lucky number associated with Izhaan is 10, symbolizing positivity and auspiciousness in various aspects of life. Its origin from the Urdu language adds to its appeal, making it a beloved choice among many.

Embark on the journey of naming your child with confidence, knowing that Izhaan carries a profound essence and a positive influence on his life. Explore its meanings, lucky numbers, and religious significance, guiding you in selecting the perfect name for your son.

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