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Maryam Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number


Maryam Meaning in Urdu


انگریزی نامMaryam
معنیکنواری، دوشیزہ، پاک دامن
لکی نمبر8
موافق دنسوموار, جمعرات
موافق رنگسرخ, ہلکا گلابی رنگ
موافق پتھرپخراج
موافق دھاتیںتانبا, لوہا

Maryam Meaning in English


English NameMaryam
MeaningMaiden, Miss, Chaste
Lucky Number8
Lucky DaysMonday, Thursday
Lucky ColorsRed, Light Pink
Lucky StoneRuby
Lucky MetalsCopper, Iron

More Information:

Maryam, a name cherished among girls, emanates from the Arabic language, signifying purity and innocence. Individuals bearing the name Maryam are blessed with the auspicious number 8, symbolizing balance and prosperity in their lives. The essence of Maryam encapsulates qualities of maidenhood, chastity, and virtue.

For those named Maryam, Mondays and Thursdays hold special significance, offering opportunities for growth and success. The fortunate colors associated with Maryam include vibrant shades of red and delicate hues of peach, reflecting warmth, passion, and vitality.

In terms of gemstones, Maryam name holders may find solace in the captivating allure of topaz, while metals like copper and iron resonate with the essence of their being.

Maryam’s timeless appeal extends beyond borders, captivating hearts worldwide with its profound meaning and serene elegance. Embrace the grace and purity embodied by Maryam as you delve into its meanings and attributes, ensuring a name that radiates beauty and virtue for your beloved child.



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