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Hoorain Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Hoorain Meaning in Urdu


انگریزی نامHoorain
معنیحضرت فاطمہ کا نام
لکی نمبر2
موافق دنبدھ, جمعہ, ہفتہ
موافق رنگکالا, نیلا, سرمئ
موافق دھاتیںلوہا


Hoorain Meaning in English

English NameHoorain
MeaningName of Hazrat Fatima
Lucky Number2
Lucky DaysWednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky ColorsBlack, Blue, Grey
Lucky MetalsIron

More information:

“Hoorain” is a name of profound significance and beauty, shaping the very essence of an individual’s identity. This cherished name, originating from the Arabic language, holds a special place among Muslim baby names, often selected with great care and reverence by parents. The name “Hoorain” embodies a rich heritage, as it translates to “Name of Hazrat Fatima,” honoring the revered figure in Islamic history.

Individuals bearing the name “Hoorain” are believed to be blessed with the auspicious number 2, according to Numerology Prediction. Their journey is illuminated by the favorable embrace of Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, infusing their lives with prosperity and positivity. In the realm of colors, they resonate with the deep black, blue, and gray hues, adding depth and vibrancy to their persona.

The significance of a name extends beyond mere words; it serves as a beacon of recognition and identity. As such, “Hoorain” bestows upon its bearers a sense of distinction and grace, elevating their presence wherever they go. Renowned personalities throughout history have borne the name “Hoorain,” leaving an indelible mark on the world stage.

For those adorned with the name “Hoorain,” garnet emerges as a favored gemstone, symbolizing strength and resilience. Furthermore, iron stands as the favored metal, reinforcing their resolve and fortitude. This page comprehensively explores the various spellings and interpretations of the name “Hoorain,” ensuring authenticity and depth in understanding.

Inquiries regarding the name’s significance are met with enlightening responses: the lucky number, the religious connotation, the etymological roots—all contributing to the tapestry of meaning surrounding “Hoorain.” Whether in Urdu or English, the essence of the name remains unchanged, resonating with reverence and admiration.

In conclusion, “Hoorain” transcends mere nomenclature; it embodies a legacy of faith, resilience, and beauty. Its timeless appeal continues to inspire generations, affirming its place as a cherished emblem of identity and heritage within the Muslim community and beyond.




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