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Irtaza Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Irtaza Meaning in Urdu

انگریزی نامIrtaza
معنیپسندیدہ، محبوب ہونا، عزیز ہونا
تفصیلارتضیٰ حسین، ارتضیٰ علی، خالد ارتضیٰ، ارتضیٰ ظفر، ارتضیٰ احمد، محمد ارتضیٰ
لکی نمبر7
موافق دنمنگل, جمعرات
موافق رنگسرخ, بنفشی
موافق پتھرروبی
موافق دھاتیںتانبا, لوہا


Irtaza Meaning in English

English NameIrtaza
MeaningWorthy Of Respect, Beloved, Cherished
DetailIrtaza Hussain, Irtaza Ali, Khalid Irtaza, Irtaza Zafar, Irtaza Ahmad, Muhammad Irtaza
Lucky Number7
Lucky DaysTuesday, Thursday
Lucky ColorsRed, Purple
Lucky StonesRuby
Lucky MetalsBronze

More information:

Irtaza Name Meaning and History

Irtaza, a name predominantly given to boys, finds its origin in the Arabic language, signifying a cherished sentiment of being favored and beloved. With a lucky number of 7, individuals named Irtaza are believed to possess a sense of balance and grace in their lives. The name Irtaza encapsulates the essence of being cherished, loved, and esteemed.

Believers hold the auspicious days of Tuesday and Thursday dear, aligning with the name Irtaza, ushering in blessings and prosperity. For those adorned with the name Irtaza, both copper and iron stand as favored metals, embodying strength and resilience.

The vibrant hues of red and violet adorn the persona of individuals named Irtaza, infusing their lives with passion and vitality. The significance of the name Irtaza extends beyond borders, resonating with seekers of meaningful names worldwide.

Listed among the famous Islamic baby names, Irtaza signifies a profound connection to faith and heritage, easily accessible online. Its significance is reflected in Urdu as ‘پسندیدہ، محبوب ہونا، عزیز ہونا’ and in English as ‘Favorite, to be Beloved, to be Dear.’

Originating from Arabic, Irtaza epitomizes tradition and culture, enriching the tapestry of Muslim names. Its auspicious colors symbolize hope and renewal, affirming its status as a cherished emblem of identity and heritage.”

Meta-description: “Irtaza – A name of beloved significance, resonating with grace and esteem. Embrace its essence of love and favor, cherished in the hearts of many.”


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