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Haram Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number

Haram Meaning in Urdu

MeaningWorthy Of Respect, Wife, Concubine
Lucky Number5
Lucky DaysMonday, Thursday
Lucky ColorsYellow, White, Light Green
Lucky StonesBloodstone
Lucky MetalsBronze


Haram Meaning in English

معنیاحترام کے لائق، بیوی، غلامہ
لکی نمبر5
موافق دنمنگل، جمعرات
موافق رنگپیلا، سفید، ہلکا سبز
موافق پتھربلڈ اسٹون
موافق دھاتیںبرونز

More information:


A Name of Esteem and Grace

Haram, a cherished Muslim girl’s name rooted in the Arabic language, carries a rich legacy of respect and honor. According to numerological predictions, the fortunate number associated with Haram is 5, symbolizing balance and grace. Haram’s meaning, ‘Worthy Of Respect, Wife, Concubine,’ encapsulates virtues of dignity and significance.

Believers hold dear the auspicious days of Monday and Thursday, aligning with Haram’s name, bringing blessings and prosperity. For those adorned with the name Haram, bronze stands as a favored metal, embodying strength and resilience.

The vibrant colors of yellow, white, and light green adorn Haram’s persona, infusing life with positivity and vitality. Haram’s popularity is evident, having been searched numerous times, resonating with seekers of meaningful names.

Listed among the Girls Islamic names, Haram signifies a profound connection to faith and heritage, easily accessible online. Its significance is reflected in Urdu as ‘احترام کے لائق، بیوی، لونڈی’ and in English as ‘Worthy Of Respect, Wife, Concubine.’

Originating from Arabic, Haram epitomizes tradition and culture, enriching the tapestry of Muslim names. Its auspicious colors symbolize hope and renewal, affirming its status as a cherished emblem of identity and heritage.”

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