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Arshman Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Lucky Number


                                                         Arshman Meaning in Urdu

عرشمان کی معلومات

خصوصیت تفصیل
نام عرشمان
انگریزی نام Arshman
معنی عرش کا شہزادہ، آسمان کا راجہ
جنس لڑکا
مذہب مسلم
لکی نمبر 4
موافق دن منگل, جمعرات
موافق رنگ سرخ, بنفشی
موافق پتھر روبی
موافق دھاتیں تانبا, لوہا

 Arshman Meaning in English

Arshman’s Information

Name Arshman
Meaning Prince of the Throne, King of the Sky
Gender Boy
Religion Muslim
Lucky Number 4
Lucky Days Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky Colors Red, Purple
Lucky Stone Ruby
Lucky Metals Copper, Iron

More information:

Arshman – Embodying Majesty and Fortune

Arshman, a name resonating with regality and auspiciousness, holds profound significance in Muslim culture. It symbolizes royalty, evoking visions of a prince seated upon the throne of celestial realms. In Urdu, Arshman translates to “عرش کا شہزادہ، آسمان کا راجہ” – a testament to its majestic essence.

Names carry the weight of destiny, and Arshman, with its numerological association with the number 4, heralds good fortune and prosperity for its bearer. Guided by the celestial alignments, individuals named Arshman find favor on Tuesdays and Thursdays, basking in the vibrant hues of red and violet, which mirror their inner strength and nobility.

Stones have long been revered for their mystical properties, and Arshman, the ruby stands as a beacon of luck and protection. Its energies resonate with the wearer, guiding them on their path toward greatness. Furthermore, the metals copper and iron, associated with resilience and endurance, complement Arshman’s journey toward fulfillment.

Arshman’s significance transcends mere nomenclature. It is a name steeped in heritage and tradition, a reminder of the grandeur that resides within. Across cultures and borders, individuals bearing the name Arshman leave an indelible mark, their presence radiating with grace and dignity.

In summary, Arshman encapsulates the essence of nobility and prosperity. It is not merely a name but a legacy, a beacon of hope and aspiration for generations to come. With its rich symbolism and profound meaning, Arshman continues to inspire and uplift, weaving its magic into the tapestry of human experience.

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