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Muntaha Name Meaning in Urdu & in Quran and Gender, Religion

                                                        Muntaha Meaning in Urdu:

منتہا Meaning in Urdu
انگریزی نامMuntaha
معنیاونچا درجہ، اونچا مقام، بلند مرتبہ، انتہا کو پہنچنے کو
لکی نمبر10
موافق دناتوار، منگل
موافق رنگسرخ، زنگ نما، ہلکا سبز
موافق پتھرپخراج
موافق دھاتیںتانبا


                                                            Muntaha Meaning in English

English NameMuntaha
MeaningHighest Rank, Highest Position, Elevation, To Reach the Summit
Lucky Number10
Lucky DaysSunday, Tuesday
Lucky ColorsRed, Violet, Light Green
Lucky StoneRuby
Lucky MetalsCopper, Iron

 More information:

Muntaha Name Meaning:

Muntaha is a name commonly bestowed upon girls, originating from the Arabic language. It signifies a lofty status or position, reaching the pinnacle of excellence. Parents often choose this name for its profound meaning and auspicious associations.

Meaning and Origin:

Derived from Arabic roots, Muntaha translates to “high status” or “reaching the utmost limit.” It embodies the idea of achieving the highest level of excellence or accomplishment, symbolizing aspiration and ambition. As a favored Muslim baby name, Muntaha reflects the desire for success and fulfillment in one’s life journey.

Numerological Insights:

In numerology, the name Muntaha is associated with the fortunate number 10, symbolizing completeness, fulfillment, and accomplishment. Individuals named Muntaha are believed to possess qualities of leadership, determination, and perseverance, leading them to achieve remarkable success in their endeavors.

Cultural and Spiritual Significance:

Muntaha’s cultural significance extends beyond its linguistic origins. It represents the pursuit of excellence and the attainment of one’s highest potential, reflecting the values of ambition, determination, and perseverance within Islamic traditions. As a Muslim name, Muntaha embodies the spiritual journey towards self-realization and fulfillment.

Symbolism of Colors and Stones:

The auspicious colors associated with Muntaha are red, rust, and light green, symbolizing passion, vitality, and growth. These hues evoke a sense of energy and vibrancy, inspiring individuals named Muntaha to strive for greatness and success. Furthermore, the inclusion of topaz as a lucky stone underscores the name’s association with prosperity, abundance, and positive energy.

Choosing Muntaha:

Selecting the name Muntaha for a child is an affirmation of aspiration and ambition. It celebrates the journey towards excellence and the fulfillment of one’s highest potential. Muntaha’s cultural heritage, spiritual resonance, and profound meanings make it a timeless and cherished name, revered for its beauty and significance.

In conclusion, Muntaha embodies the essence of aspiration and accomplishment. Through its profound meanings, cultural significance, and symbolic associations, Muntaha remains a cherished name, admired for its beauty and depth of meaning.”

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