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Zimal name meaning in urdu & in Quran or Lucky Number

                                                                   Zimal Meaning in English

     MeaningLarge Item Of Clothing
      Lucky #5
      Short NameYES
      Name Length5 Letters and 1 Word


                                                                   Zimal Meaning in Urdu

  زمل                                نام
پردہ                              معنی
لڑكی                               جنس
عربی                               زبان
5                              لکی نمبر
مسلم                                مذہب
ہاں                            مختصر نام
5 حروف اور 1 لفظ                          حروف کی تعداد


                                                             More Information

Zimal, a name that holds immense significance in an individual’s life, especially in the Muslim culture. Derived from the Arabic language, Zimal signifies “پردہ” in Urdu, translating to “Large Item Of Clothing” in English. A name isn’t just an identifier; it shapes one’s persona and influences their journey through life.

Choosing the perfect name for a baby is a thoughtful process for parents, as it reflects their aspirations for the child’s future. Zimal, with its profound meaning, embodies virtues of modesty and grace, making it an ideal choice for a baby girl.

In numerology, Zimal is associated with the lucky number 5, symbolizing versatility and adaptability, which are essential traits for navigating life’s challenges. Rooted in the Arabic tradition, Zimal is cherished by many for its elegance and depth of meaning.

Naming ceremonies are joyous occasions where friends and family come together to offer their insights and blessings. Zimal, with its meaningful essence and widespread appeal, stands as a popular choice among those seeking a name that resonates positively.

With 5 alphabets, Zimal encapsulates a concise yet impactful identity. As a Muslim name, Zimal reflects the rich cultural heritage and spiritual values cherished by millions around the world.


“زمل ایک اسلامی نام ہے جو خصوصاً لڑکیوں کے لیے مخصوص ہے۔ یہ نام اردو زبان سے منسلک ہے اور اس کا خوش قسمت نمبر 5 ہے۔ “زمل” کا معنی “پردہ” ہے۔ اس صفحے پر آپ کو اس نام کے متعلق تمام معلومات ملیں گی جیسے کہ تعلق، لکی نمبر، اور مذہب۔ زمل سے متعلق معلومات کو دیکھتے ہوئے صارفین نے اس صفحہ کو 3 ستاروں سے نوازا ہے، اور اس پر 110 تبصرے شامل ہوئے ہیں۔

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