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Harees E Mohabbat novel by Umm Umayr Episode 1-5

Name: Harees E Mohabbat novel

Writer: Umm Umayr

Status:  Episode 1-5

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It is published only on Kitab Nagri.

Umm Umayr is a famous social media writer.

Umm Umayr is a versatile writer and it’s her new novel which is being written for kitabnagri.
She is very famous for her unique writing style.
She chooses a variety of topics to write about.
She has written many stories and has large number of
fans waiting for her novels.
The world we live in is not a place it used to be a few decades ago. it has undergone revolutionary evolution in all the various domains pertinent to general and professional interests. This very well-known fact stands true in the field of communication and multimedia as well, the versatile channeling schema comprising of the highly advanced means of information technology with social media as one of the top order means, standing amongst the other such mainstream forums. In the current era of life where the world has evolved into a global village, people all across the globe living in all the 7 continents of our planet, residing in different countries belonging to various ethnicities, religions, respective cultures bearing their customized schools and ideological foundations, have joined this forum assuming the worthy position of what they call social media writers/activists. All these ideologies, the peculiar norms, practices, customs and much more is being discussed and shared in terms of philosophies and merits providing excellent grounds for rationalization, discourse and subsequent comparison, which stands largely in Favour of a journey towards positive adaptation and a resolute urge towards individual welfares well as welfare of the whole society. Not only that, but also it bears, remarkable contribution towards healthy entertainment, to its credit. Moral bearing mind refreshing stories and novels, beautiful verses of poetry that not only bring comfort to one’s mind but also bring crater, stability and maturity in deep thought. The establishment of this marvelous setup of communication and information with all its merits as discussed, lies to the credit of these revered personalities whom v call social media writers.

Harees E Mohabbat novel online & pdf by Umm Umayr
Episode 1-5 is available here to download in pdf form and online reading.
Click on the link given below to Free download Pdf.
Free Download Link
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